DIY Lemon Enzyme Cleaner

DIY Lemon Enzyme Cleaner

Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

This cleaning mixture has many uses, and takes about two weeks to make. It uses the cleaning power of citrus along with yeast to create a potent and effective liquid solution. Add baking soda, and it’s also a scrub.

NOTE: You can use the scraps left over when you juice lemons (the peel and pulp bits), or oranges, rather than whole fruits if you like.

2 cups chopped lemon and/or orange
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon yeast

• Use a funnel to add the brown sugar to a 2-quart plastic bottle.
• Chop the citrus small enough to fit inside the mouth of the bottle, and add them along with the yeast.
• Add 1 quart of water, and then screw the bottle cap back on tightly. Shake the bottle until the sugar is dissolved.
• Loosen the cap of the bottle a little, and then leave the bottle in a cool dark place.
• Shake it once a day for about two weeks.

After two weeks:

• Strain the liquid to use separately, and then add any leftover pulp to a bowl.
• Use a blender or beat the pulp until it has a uniform texture.
• Add baking powder to make a thick paste. It should take about 1 to 1 1/2 cups.
• Add the liquid to a spray bottle or jar.

To use:

• Add 1/2 cup of enzyme cleaner to 1 quart of water for an all-purpose cleaner.
• Use undiluted to remove stains from fabrics.
• Add 1/4 cup of enzyme to the washing machine or sink for laundry or dishes.
• Use the scrub to clean kitchen sinks, ovens, bath tub and shower enclosures, and even house siding.

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