Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil is a refreshing ingredient in many different DIY recipes from body and skin care to air fresheners and more. It’s easy to make, and we’ll offer two different ways – faster, and slower.

The ingredients and essential preparation for both are the same:

Grapefruit zest
Almond oil

• Be sure to wash the fruit first, and dry the skin.
• Use a fine grater to grate the zest from the fruit, taking care not to include any of the bitter white pith – only the colored part of the rind.
• Spread the zest in a single layer on a clean baking sheet. Allow it to dry for about 2-3 days – it should be thoroughly dried out.

The Quick Way

• Place the grapefruit zest in a crock pot.
• Add just enough almond oil to cover the rinds – no more or it will dilute the oil.
• Turn the crock pot to a low setting and cover.
• Allow it to simmer for 8 to 10 hours.

The Long Way

• Place the rinds to a clean mason jar.
• Add just enough almond oil to cover the rinds.
• Close the jar, and place it in an area where ideally it will get a lot of sun.
• Leave it in place for about two weeks.

To Finish (both methods):

• When it’s ready, strain the oil with cheesecloth into a clean bowl, squeezing it through the cloth.
• Transfer the essential oil to dark colored bottles that you can seal with a lid or stopper.
• Store in a cool dark place. Do not refrigerate.

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