Green Cleaning: Make Your Own Lemon Dust Wipes

Green Cleaning: Make Your Own Lemon Dust Wipes

Green cleaning doesn’t mean simply replacing one thing with another – it’s a whole new way of thinking about cleaning. When you make your own cleaning solutions, you know the natural ingredients that are going into them.

This how-to goes one step further: you’ll recycle your own cloths and use them all over again.

Here’s how.

#1 – Rags

You’ll need some cloths that you will soak in the cleaning solution.

• Make sure they are clean.
• You can use old dish towels that you cut into fours.
• Once you use them, you can boil the used dust cloths and start all over again.

#2 – Soak & Wipe

1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
3 drops olive oil
2 lemons, peel & juice

• Mix the water, vinegar and lemon juice in a glass container (a large jar works well).
• Add the olive oil and stir.
• Soak the rags for 10 minutes or so, until they are fully saturated.
• Wring them out so that they are damp rather than dripping.
• You can keep adding rags, but you will want some solution left over to soak them in.
• Chop the peel into small chunks.
• Lay out the damp cloths and sprinkle the lemon peel over them as evenly as you can, reserving about half a lemon’s worth of peel.
• Now, roll up the cloths with the lemon rinds inside, and place them in the glass jar with the leftover liquid.
• Add the rest of the lemon peel as you go, interspersing it with the cloths as evenly as you can.
• Screw on the lid of the jar tightly, and store in a cupboard out of direct sunlight overnight.

#3 – Dry & Use

• Remove the cloths from the jar, and squeeze so they are just damp. You can use any leftover liquid as spray cleaner.
• Hang the cloths up to dry.
• Once dry, you can use them just like the disposable dust cloths – except when they’re dirty, you can clean and boil them, and start over.

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