Deodorize the Litter Box Room
Do you guests a favor and throw a couple of lemon halves into a bowl (flesh side up) and set them in the room where you store the litter box. Use the same trick in your own bathroom and save cash on the store bought air fresheners.

Home Décor
Place lemons in your vase and add some water. This makes for a beautiful center piece. You can also use sliced lemons in water to create a floating lemon décor.

Keep Rice from Sticking
Just add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the pot while the water’s boiling, then stir. This should keep your rice from being sticky. It’s healthy too!!

Lemon Candle Holder
Using left over half’s of lemon can be a fun way to create your own candle holder. After using a half of lemon, clean out inside of the half. Place a tea light inside and light. This makes for a bright candle with some lemon scent.

More Juice
Halve lemons and place in microwave on high for 30-45 seconds, then squeeze. This is proved to give you more juice from your lemons.

Natural Insect Repellent For Stored Clothing
Take a lemon and use a knife or nail to make small holes all over. Push cloves in those piercings. Hang the lemon outside in the sun to dry. It may take 4 days or a week to dry, depending on the weather conditions. When it is completely dried, it becomes a natural insect repellent. It works the best when kept in the wardrobes, cupboards, and suitcases containing clothing. This does not only repels the insects but also takes away the stale odor from the stored clothing.

Pesky Ants
Place 1 cup of lemon juice in a water bottle and spray around the areas you frequently see ants. This will help repel them.

Refrigerator Odor
Place a half of a lemon in your fridge and this will help control and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Repel Spiders
Citrus scents are unpalatable to most insects, and lemon is among the most pungent and acidic. A few bits of fresh lemon peel, placed strategically in dark corners or on windowsills, will repel spiders as well as other more troublesome insects like mosquitoes. You can also repel spiders by regularly using a lemon-scented cleaner on your furniture and windows.

Table Setting
Place a fresh lemon on each table setting. This adds color and freshness.

Weeds be Gone
Banish weeds for good using some good ole lemon juice. Fill up a spray bottle with 5 cups of lemon juice and two cups of water and douse the offending plants till they’re well-coated. It should take a couple of days for them to shrivel.

DIY Lemon Soap

Treat your skin – and your senses – to this gentle DIY soap that’s lit up with the luscious scent of lemons. The soap is easy to make, and other than soap molds – which you can buy at any craft store – it requires no special equipment.

 Click here for the recipe.

Start Seeds in a Lemon Peel
Keep your early seedlings safe, give them extra nutrients, and add more nutrients to the ground with a citrus fruit rind. Add a little dirt, and plant the seedling. Once it’s taken root, plant the entire thing in the ground. The fruit peel will eventually break down, adding more nutrients to your garden.

Natural Dyes Using Lemon & Orange Peel
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Lemon DIY Candles
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Lemon DIY Air Freshener – Simple Version
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Lemon DIY Air Freshener – Vodka Version
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Decorate With Lemons: Dried Lemon Ornaments
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Orange Halloween pumpkin light

Orange Halloween Pumpkin Lights & Other Ideas
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