Similar to wine pairings, each lemon variety has a predominant flavor profile that pairs with certain foods and beverages. We’ve paired each of our lemons with great food in these delicious recipes for you to try below. But don’t stop there. Get creative with your own dishes. Mix and match these lemons in your own recipes and discover your favorites!

So what’s the difference?

Meet the Trio

  • Meyer Lemon
      Meyer Lemon

      Our Meyer lemons have a yellow and orange exterior with a thin skin. They are sweeter in taste with a mandarin flavor. They also have a floral peel aroma and are packed with juice.

    • Pink Lemon
        Pink Lemon

        Our pink lemons have green stripes to a rose blush exterior and are tangy in taste. They are lemony fresh with a pink interior.

      • Classic Lemon
          Classic Lemon

          Our classic lemons are yellow with a slight green exterior and are tart in taste. They have a fresh and crisp aroma and are packed with juice.