Orange Halloween Pumpkin Lights & Other Ideas

Orange Halloween Pumpkin Lights

Add the Halloween magic of miniature twinkling ‘pumpkins’ to your home decor at Halloween easily with oranges. This DIY tutorial lets you easily make a charming accent for coffee or dining room tables, sweet tables, parties, mantlepieces – or anywhere you want that pop of color and light.

Rather than real candles, which can represent a fire hazard, we use inexpensive flameless votive candles. These use real wax and LED lights, and they can be purchased in many stores as well as online.

What You’ll Need:

• Oranges
• Flameless votive candles

• A sharp knife

That’s it!

Naturally, you’ll want to choose oranges that have a beautiful and unblemished skin, and preferably larger rather than smaller.


• Wash the oranges in lukewarm water, and pat dry with a clean paper towel.
• Cut the navel end off the orange up to about 1/2-inch – not too much, but enough so that you can scoop out the flesh inside.
• Use a spoon to empty out the flesh over a bowl to catch the juice. The flesh will be perfect for a salad.
• You should now have a nice shell that is as clean of pulp as you can get it.
• Just as you would with a pumpkin, you can draw and then carve out the eyes, mouth, and nose.
• When you are done decorating, place a flameless candle inside.
• You can put the top back on to make the features only glow, or leave it off for more light.

Pro Tip No. 1: The effect is warm and inviting, and you can use it anytime of year. Just switch up your cutout design from scary pumpkin to a geometric design, or whatever your imagination can dream up.
Pro Tip No. 2: You can also simply draw on oranges or mandarins with a black sharpie to make decorations without the lights.

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