Vitamin C, Illness And Your Immune System

Vitamin C, Illness And Your Immune System

As the world becomes accustomed to living with global pandemics, scientists and researchers are racing to find better treatments – but better doesn’t necessarily mean new. Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant properties. That means it helps to protect healthy cells by scavenging impaired cells that can cause a cascade of oxidative damage. Perhaps lesser known is its important role in helping to support the immune system functions.

Here’s how it works:

• Vitamin C is key to the process of activating neutrophils, the immune cells that battle infection, as well as defending the body from any cells damaged by the invasion.
• As the body fights infection, it uses up its available Vitamin C resources.
• The human body cannot manufacture its own Vitamin C, and so it needs more and more in order to fight and heal from infections.

The next step is to investigate whether, in fact, increasing doses of Vitamin C actually aid in healing the body.

Can Vitamin C actively help the healing process?

Critical research is underway in 2020 testing whether high doses of Vitamin C help to accelerate the healing and recovering process, if it is administered as part of treatment of a viral illness.

Earlier studies in 2017 and 2019 showed that a combination of high dose Vitamin C (administered intravenously) along with thiamine and corticosteroids, was associated with a lower risk of death in patients with severe cases of sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Notably, sepsis and ARDS can arise as complications of infection with COVID-19.

Maintaining health

It’s clear that Vitamin C plays many crucial roles in the body’s functions. In cases of severe illness and infection, a high intravenous dose may play a role in aiding healing, but it shouldn’t take acute sickness to make an improvement in our diets.

The more scientists understand about its importance, the more a Vitamin C rich diet seems like a wise choice in maintaining health overall, every day.

• Choose brightly colored fruits and vegetables and make them part of your daily diet;
• Citrus fruits are an ideal source of Vitamin C and other nutrients, available year-round even in northern climates.

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